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What are Hard Money Commercial Loans?

When discussing the options of “hard money commercial loans”, specifically regarding real estate, they can be defined essentially as “non-bankable loans”. 
They are also often referred to as “private loans” or “no-doc” loans.
The decision of the underwriter of the hard money commercial loan is based largely on the hard assets or real estate of the borrower. These types of loans will generally close rather quickly.
A traditional bank loan will usually be based on the borrowers’ credit rating, income tax returns, financial income, and various other forms of financial information, whereas hard money commercial loans rely primarily on the individuals’ real estate assets.
Simply put, lenders of hard money commercial loans, like Capital Direct Funding, are simply basing their decision solely on the value of your real estate collateral rather than on your credit score.

Are you currently facing any of these difficult circumstances?

  • Poor or impaired credit ratings (Capital can work with these types of borrowers, as well)
  • Unpaid utility bills
  • Tax liens or judgments
  • Borrowers with numerous pieces of complex collateral
  • Borrowers under severe time constraints
  • Borrowers avoiding foreclosure
  • Borrowers who are foreign nationals
  • Barrowers in need of partner buyouts

If you are, then a hard money loan may be the right choice for you.
The critical difference between these two types of financing is the variation in interest rates. Interest rates are typically higher on hard money loans due to the increased amounts of risk involved for the lender.

Hard Money Loans

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