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At Capital Direct Funding, we understand the difficulties you face during the process of purchasing and developing commercial real estate. We are here to remove unnecessary red tape and obstacles to getting the cash flow you need to get your project moving.
We can get you financing for your land acquisition and development project of $250,000 to $10 Million or more, with lower fees and interest rates as a private lender than the terms you would get with a traditional bank or other financial institution.
We can also get the deal done faster, so you can keep to your schedule.
Whether your project involves a single commercial office building, an entire residential complex, or a massive commercial development, Capital Direct Funding will offer a tailor-made program that will suit your unique cash flow requirements, helping you to bring your project to completion on time and on budget.
As a bonus, we are also able to convert or roll over your Acquisition and Development Loan into permanent financing.


Applying for your Commercial Acquisition or Development Loan is easy. The more information you provide the better we can help you.
If you have questions, you can contact us here or call 1-877-273-7823

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