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I’ve been investing in real estate for over 30 years, and CFHM has performed well above my expectations. They helped me to handle very tricky and difficult financing in a very efficient and timely manner.” – Commercial Real Estate Banker
“I needed refinancing for my hotel in order to upgrade our rooms to a more luxurious level of accommodations as a means to increase occupancy rates. Because of some of my previous financial difficulties during the recession that began in 2008, finding financing for my project was excruciating. I can’t tell you how many companies rejected me before finding Capital Funding Hard Money. They made the entire approval process easy and enjoyable.” – Commercial Hotel Owner
“One of my clients was interested in commercial real estate as a form of investing. He needed a quality lender would help educate him along the way. I recommended the best company that I knew, CFHM. CFHM found financing for my client quickly and easily, answering all of these questions to complete satisfaction.” – Commodities Broker
“Capital Funding Hard Money found financing for one of my customers who was in very dire financial straits. His current loan was maturing, and our bank was not able to refinance it due to the housing market crash. By recommending my client to Capital Funding Hard Money, I was able to keep a long-term relationship with one of my most revered customers.” – Professional Bank Loan Officer


“I have worked with many financial lending institutions in the past, but, CFHM was by far the fastest and easiest to work with. I recommend this company to all of my customers now!” – Commercial Broker

“Capital Funding Hard Money performed magnificently. I will continue to use you as my lending partner on many of my future projects.” – Commercial Real Estate Investor
“The team from CFHM maintained excellent communication with my staff through a very difficult and challenging project that was fraught with many changes and revisions. Even with all of these many twists and turns, we managed to acquire a terrific interest rate and a fast closing.” – Commercial Developer
“One of my clients has some damaging remarks on his credit report, but he still wanted to continue investing in real estate. CFHM was up to the challenge, providing financing in a very knowledgeable, fast, efficient, and easy manner. They will be my lending experts from now on.” –REO Purchase Agent
“I own several multi-family condominiums in several areas of the United States. Due to the current economic climate, it has been very difficult to find refinancing for many of my properties. Even my own bank with whom I have worked for nearly 20 years was not able to help. Luckily, I found Capital Funding Hard Money. All of my major details were handled quickly and expertly.” – Commercial Developer
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I was anxious to expand my existing business. Although I had a tremendous amount of questions, CFHM made the entire process quick and transparent. My individual account representative always kept me updated and consistently returned my phone calls promptly. Highly professional experience.” – Franchise Owner

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“Trying to find financing for nightclubs and bars in Florida has been a difficult challenge. Capital Funding Hard Money seemed to have no trouble at all. All of our concerns were immediately addressed and our loan package was closed within days. Now I am sitting on the beach living the life of my dreams!” – Florida Bar Owners
“I was in need of acquiring a big piece of land in order to begin a construction project. Capital Funding Hard Money found me the money quickly and had tremendous communication skills along the way. This is by far the best financing company that I’ve ever worked with.” – Commercial Title Closer
“Capital Funding Hard Money was able to meet our lending needs in cases where other lenders failed. They always answered my questions in a manner in which I could understand in order to help me keep things on track. CFHM is the best company that I’ve ever worked with. Hire these guys if you are in need of an honest lender.” – Loan Broker
“I was in need of money so that I could open my own private practice, but I had no idea where to begin. Capital Funding Hard Money always returned my calls and answered all my questions, of which there were many. Thanks CFHM for a job well done!” – OB. GYN Physician
“Capital Funding Hard Money has the fastest turnaround time for processing loans that I’ve ever seen. No other bank has ever been able to put together a funding package so quickly in order to help me stay on track. Thank you so much for saving the deal!” – Grateful Multi-Family Residential Investor


“I needed to complete a refinancing loan cash-out for one of my self-employed clients who had less than perfect credit. The project at hand was a 440-unit condominium complex that would be one of his primary retirement investment properties. Your customer service was perfect. The loan was closed on schedule, and my client was more than satisfied. I now recommend CFHM to many of my coworkers who are looking for hard-to-find private money loans.” – Loan Broker
“One of my clients needed a quick loan in order to acquire a second trust deed on one of his rental properties. Our deadline was only two short weeks. We immediately contacted Capital Funding Hard Money, and the money came through just in time. No hassles. No problems. Simply amazing.” – Loan Broker


“Acquiring financing for my project was quick and easy. The team at Capital Funding Hard Money was highly professional and responsive. I look forward to working with you again in the future.” – Real Estate Investor
“My wife and I wanted to begin investing in real estate as part of our retirement plan. CFHM answered all the questions quickly and helped to explain the process in its entirety. They helped us to leverage our property purchases quickly and easily, resulting in our ability to keep adding to our investment portfolio. Every deal always closed on time and with no strings attached. We couldn’t be happier.” – Carl and Betty, Retired
“Thank you, CFHM! I was under a very tight deadline, and the knowledge and professionalism that your team displayed helped me to close a very complex business deal on time and fully funded. You saved me thousands of dollars because I was able to complete my contract on time. It was only through the diligence and skill of your lending team that this was made possible.“ – Real Estate Investor
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“Thanks to Capital Funding Hard Money, I have managed to grow my business even in these very trying economic times. Good Job, CFHM!” – Commercial Real Estate Team

“If you want a professional financing team with the reputation of years in the business and high ethical values, I recommend Capital Funding Hard Money. They had every opportunity to take advantage of me, but didn’t!” – Real Estate Attorney
“Having tried for months on end to acquire financing through traditional banking methods, I was all but certain that my deal was going to fall through. Then I discovered Capital Funding Hard Money. My funding was secured, and the closing date was within a week. I am forever grateful to the team at CFHM.” – Thankful Property Owner
“The financial expertise from the team of Capital Funding Hard Money helped me to grow my business well beyond my wildest imagination. Their attention to detail and ability to find me the lowest interest rates possible were very impressive.” – Small Business Investor
“I am very impressed. The team at CFHM gave me some very valuable professional advice and funded my loan faster than any normal bank could possibly do. The red tape was minimal, and the team was great to work with.” – Commercial Real Estate Borrower
“Capital Funding Hard Money was the lender for our rehabilitation project. Due to their expertise, we were able to turn around the property quickly and place it on the market for resale. I have never seen a loan application process move so quickly or flawlessly.” – Rehab Property Investor
“I had no idea what to expect from a direct commercial hard money lender. In the past, I had only worked with my local bank. CFHM explained the differences and answered all of my questions every step of the way. As a result, my business has expanded to levels that even I did not expect. The application process was smooth from start to finish.” – Health Care Facility Owner
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