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Get commercial loans at the most competitive interest rates, so you don't have to spend additional money on repayment.

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Get the option to repay your loan amount in monthly instalments, making it easier for you to repay.

hassle free documentation

Obtain a loan from us with the minimum documentation trouble where we start the process and approve your request at the earliest.

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We have a wide range of commercial loan solutions to help you build your business as quickly as possible. Explore the options we provide!

Construction & Development

Build, repair, or contribute to the growth of a region with the attractive loans we provide at an affordable rate.

Commercial Equity Loans

We provide a business funding source in which an owner can swap a part of their firm equity for a set quantity of money.

Machinery & Equipment Loans

We focus on financing for machinery and equipment to assist businesses in growing productivity and earnings in the future.

Direct Loans of $250,000 to $100 Million For Commercial Projects

Make your ideal commercial project a reality with our simply accessible loans, including direct loans if you meet the conditions. Contact us right away to secure finance!

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image focusing on a doctor's hand holding money as a symbol of funding for medical practice

6 Ways to Get Funding for Your Medical Practice

Medical practices are always looking for ways to get more funding. The cost of running a medical practice is high, and it seems like the bills never stop coming. This blog post gives you 6 different ways to get funding for your medical practice together with how online medical marketing helps you bring in more revenue and make your practice more successful!

1. Loans

Commercial loans are still the best way to get funding for your medical practice, and you may be eligible for one or more of the many different types of loans available.

Here are a few benefits of commercial loans:

  • Typically more affordable than other forms of financing
  • Offer flexible terms, which can be tailored to fit your business’s specific needs
  • Available from a variety of lenders, so you can compare rates and find the best deal for your business
  • Help build your credit history and improve your credit score
  • Shorter approval times than other forms of financing, so you can get your money quickly
  • Available to businesses of all sizes, making them an ideal option for small businesses and startups.
  • Come with a range of features and benefits, such as low interest rates, no prepayment penalties, and even tax deductions.
  • Provide peace of mind by helping you secure the funding you need to grow your business.

Search online or contact your local bank to find out what types of loans are available in your area. Be sure to compare interest rates and terms from different lenders to find the best deal.

2. Grants

shot of a hand holding cash in small bills to be handed to another hand accepting commercial grants

Seek government grants or loans. The government offers a variety of grants and loans for small businesses, including those in the medical field. There are many different types of grants available, so it’s important to do your research and find the right one for your business. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a great resource for finding grants. They connect entrepreneurs with lenders and funding to help them plan, start and grow their business.

Some of the most common grants for businesses are the SBA’s Loan Guarantee Program and the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. The Loan Guarantee Program offers loans up to $5 million, and the SBIR Program offers funding for innovative small businesses.

Many private grant organizations offer funding to businesses. One example is the Foundation Center, which offers online resources and funding databases to help you find the right grant for your business.

3. Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for your medical practice if you have a good story to tell. You can start a crowdfunding campaign or look into angel investors – individuals who invest in businesses that they believe have potential. You can even ask family and friends for donations. They may be more likely to donate if they can see how their money will be used specifically to help the practice.

You can also apply for venture capital funding. It is when a company offers money to a startup or small business in exchange for a stake in the company. This type of funding is often used for businesses that are in high-growth stages and have the potential to become major players in their industry.

4. Personal Savings

shot of a woman's hand putting money bank note dollar into piggy for saving

You’re not using your personal savings anyway so why not invest it? If you have enough money saved up, you may be able to use it to fund your medical practice outright and your savings will be gaining instead of sleeping.

5. Reduce Operating Expenses

When your business is in its growing stage, you might want to cut on costs. One way is to Offer services on consignment. Many suppliers will offer products or services on consignment, which means you only pay for what you use. This can be a great way to get started without having to invest a lot of money up front.

You can also free up some extra cash flow by renegotiating contracts with medical equipment suppliers. With this, you can secure better prices or payment terms, improve your bottom line and potentially put more money back into the business.

6. Online Medical Marketing

You can reach a larger audience and bring in more patients by investing in online medical marketing. Not only that, it can also help you reach potential donors who may be interested in helping to fund your practice. This will lead to more revenue for your practice, which can then be used to fund your operations. Maximizing your exposure to your market means having many patrons avail your services.


These tips are just a few among the many ways to get funding for your medical practice. With the right knowledge and a sprinkle of guts, you are on your way to launch that business you’ve been dreaming to start.

Commercial Loans

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Loans?

Loans are a fantastic tool that has genuinely aided those in need of financial assistance to achieve their goals. People can pick from various loans, including home loans, gold loans, personal loans, short-term business loans, and many more, among which commercial loans are the ones that meet the demands of businesses. It is a financial tool that entrepreneurs can use to meet any short-term financial demands. Commercial loans are extremely advantageous to businesses and their owners. But are these advantages real? We’ll look at it in the parts that follow:

It offers a low rate of interest

Unlike other types of loans, which charge high-interest rates on the loans they provide, commercial loans have the lowest interest rates of any loan option. Because of the low-interest rate, business owners can get vital capital while retaining lower maintenance costs.

Commercial loans also offer added cash for a firm that owners can use to invest in assets, meet payroll expenditures, and various other business-related expenses. Moreover, low-interest rates and extended repayment plans further lessen the possibility of failure, lowering the risk for investment businesses.

It gives longer time to payback


One of the most beneficial aspects of taking a commercial loan is that these loans give extended time to pay back the loan amount. The cause for this is that commercial loans are usually long-term. Thus, the financial institutions often offer time up to 10 years to repay the money as you work to increase your business profits.

Allows an individual to begin their start-up

One of the most attractive elements of taking out a commercial loan is the longer repayment period. The reason for this is that commercial loans are often for an extended time. Thus, financial institutions frequently allow between three and ten years to repay the money gradually while you try to improve business revenues.

You don’t need to offer any collateral

Compared to personal loans and other sorts of loans where you must deposit part of your securities to obtain the loan, commercial loans are not the same. Commercial loans are frequently unprotected, so no security is required to acquire the credit. A business owner can keep entire ownership of their company in this manner.


Furthermore, start-up capital investments often demand you to transfer over a portion of your firm to the shareholder. Still, commercial bank loans allow you to keep whole ownership of the company and do not compromise the company’s net assets.

Easy to obtain and cost-effective

Although applying for a commercial loan may appear complicated, it is less difficult than collecting funds in the equity or debt sectors. Raising funds through the equities or bond markets comes with considerable expenses and timing constraints. Commercial business loans are frequently the most economical financing choice for business owners due to reduced interest rates and versatile long-term payment arrangements. Though eligibility can be complex, a commercial bank loan is frequently the best option for securing beginning financing.

Rank Better

New City Based Domains And Tlds Will Not Help You Rank Better In Local Search

I’ll clarify and qualify the statement in that headline. New TLDs are rolling out soon. A TLD is a Top Level Domain Name. If you owned MySite.com, the .com part is the TLD.New TLDs that represent specific geographical areas are about to be available for registration. They are already being marketed as TLDs that will greatly improve your rankings in search engines when people search for real estate agents or anything else.

Currently, that is not true.

New TLDs for Commercial Real Estate Websites
There will be a lot of new TLDs soon. Don’t fall for the hype that you have to register a domain in all of them to rank better or to protect your trademarks

A generic domain name used to be an advantage in search results. So, something like RealEstateAtlanta.com had a greater chance of ranking well for a search for real estate in Atlanta. But changes Google made have made this an obsolete method of ranking your website better in organic search results.

From Search Engine Journal

Many SEO strategists would purchase exact match domains (EMDs), which are domains that exactly match the keyword phrase they are targeting. For example, if they want to rank for “buy green widgets” the person might purchase BuyGreenWidgets.com. EMDs offered two advantages.

The presence of the keyword phrase in the domain was itself a ranking factor.
The presence of the keyword phrase in the domain encouraged other webmasters to include
The keyword phrase in the anchor text when linking to the site.

However, in light of recent Google updates (especially the “EMD update”), EMDs are no longer as helpful as they once were.

High Position’s study indicated that the “average EMD ranking went from #13.4 down to #26.6,” and the “average top 10 EMD went from #3.2 down to #11.9.”
SEOmoz data shows that EMD correlation with ranking has dropped from 0.34 in 2010 to 0.18 in 2012.

In light of the trend since 2010, many SEOs feel that EMDs and other keyword domains may become even less beneficial in the future. This does not mean that you should necessarily avoid or abandon keyword domains, but it does mean that keywords shouldn’t be the primary factor you consider when choosing a domain.

So how does that apply to the new TLDs that represent cities like dot nyc?

Geographical TLDs already exist like .asia and .eu

According to Google

Although these domains are associated with a geographical region, they are generally treated as generic top-level domains (much like .com or .org).

So, unless Google decides to give a new weight to these city-specific TLDs, they won’t give you much, if any advantage in search results, no matter how much the companies selling domains on those TLDs say they will.

I’m not saying you should not register a domain name using one of these TLDs, but don’t do it because you think it will somehow magically help you rank better in search engines.

In an adwords ad, people may click your ad more because of the TLD. On social media, they might do the same. But the benefits of having a domain name on the new city TLDs may be outweighed by the disadvantages.

How much money and time have you spent on marketing and building links to your current website? Are you willing to abandon that to promote a new website from scratch? If you split your budget and time between your current website and the new one, each will be less effective.

Simply buying a domain name on one of the new city TLDs and “pointing” or “redirecting” it to your current domain name negates any advantage the city-specific TLD would give you. Redirected domains don’t rank. They have no content.

If you move your website to the city-specific TLD domain name and point your current domain name to it, then you’ll lose all of the value you’ve built into your current domain name.

So, before you run out and grab up domain names in all the cities you want to rank well in, consider the implications. It’s more complicated than the sellers of these domains will tell you.

Local Search Optimization is likely way more effective and you can do that with your current website. Hope these things help you make a wise decision about all the new TLDs that will be rolling out.

PS: The same applies to other new TLDs. The word or abbreviation after the dot won’t have much, if any effect on your search engine rankings.

A long time ago, dot tv tried to convince people that it was the only tld to use if you plan to share video. But, you can obviously share video from a website on any TLD.

Then came dot mobi, touted as the only TLD to have for mobile websites, and once again, responsive web design means any website on any TLD can be accessed by mobile devices.

Don’t fall for the hype. Make smart choices.

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